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If you live in Nebraska and suffered a residential or commercial property damage claim such as water damage, fire damage, mold damage, pipe break or another covered property claim? Fact is, if you will want the best insurance settlement possible than you should be represented by our public adjusters.

By contacting United States Adjusters even before notifying the insurance company it will save time and aggravation and ensures you will receive everything you are entitled to right away, not to mention your claim will have less chance of being denied. The insurance company has their own adjusters that work for them , represent their own interests, which by most would seem like a conflict of interest, we represent you.

Nebraska's Top Ranked Public Adjusters. We work for you; not the insurance company!

US Adjusters are your personal claims advocate. Located throughout Nebraska and the United States, we handle all types of residential and commercial property damage claims.

When you have a property insurance loss you will want to protect your interests right away! Its been proven that the using a Public Adjuster will result in a settlement that is on average 574% greater on daily claims such as pipe breaks, fire damage, water damage. On catastrophic claims such as hurricanes, tornado's, floods the average increased settlement by using a Public Adjuster is 747%.


Nebraska's Top Rated Public Adjuster

Toll Free: 1-800-872-0201

Our staff of Nebraska public adjusters are some of the most experienced and professional in the industry! We are members of (N.A.P.I.A) - National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters

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